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Distrust in the government



07 December 2014

One of the 43 students who disappeared in Iguala on September 26 is dead. The news was confirmed by Felipe de la Cruz, spokesperson of the parents of the students. Once more, information was given first by a non-official source and then by the parents. The way the federal government has handled this crisis makes society distrust its commitment and even its capacity.


Yesterday the spokesperson said that the parents met with the Argentine experts analyzing the alleged remains of their children. In this meeting it was confirmed to them that a fragment of the samples matches Alexander Mora's DNA.


What is most alarming about the news, apart from the confirmation of his death, is that the remains from which the DNA samples were obtained were not found by authorities, but it was an organic fragment found at San Juan River, in Cocula.


The Attorney General´s Office (PGR) now has the results of an analysis of the remains found in the municipal dump of Cocula sent to Innsbruck University, in Austria, to determine if they correspond to the missing students.


The result announced by the parents of the missing students does not clash with the version of the PGR that the youngsters were burned beyond recognition at the Cocula dump. However, the slow reaction of authorities, both state and federal, the way in which the information has been given and the way in which social discontent has been handled have affected the State�s credibility.


The parents of the missing students are studying the possibility of taking the case to the International Court of Justice so that the intellectual and material authors of the crime are punished. One of the relatives, Bernando Campos, said that they are convinced that the rest of the students are alive and added that they will keep looking for them. Both facts show that the federal government has not convinced the victims about its proposals and performance.


The big question after everything that has happened is: Are we witnessing the end of the reaction capacity of our rulers? Is this the best they can do to address the call of citizens for justice and a safer life?


Some Mexicans might not trust the government at all. Even though, those in charge of security should keep trying. It is never late to do the right thing.


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