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The hooks in social networks



18 de marzo de 2014

Those awful stories about girls and women being kidnapped and sold to prostitution sound like something away from our everyday reality, confined to the darkest corners of the Mexican Republic. But, the alert isn't just for our towns and cities undermined by crime, but also for our personal computers and telephones, thanks to the social networks.

According to Nelly Montealegre Diaz, special attorney for Crimes Against Women and Human Trafficking of the Justice Ministry, the social networks have become the main instrument to find victims, often tricked with the promise of a relationship, a job offer of turning them into famous models.

The youth is the most vulnerable sector. Thanks to the strategies used by the criminal organizations, says Montealegre, there has been an increase in the number of young females being contacted. Out of 274 victims being treated since 2012, 31,7% are minors and almost all of them were hooked in the social networks.

This newspaper documented last week the persistence of this phenomena in the streets of Mexico City and the position of our country as receiver and distributor of women, even on the international level. The constant condition was the impunity under which these groups operate, but also their capability to trick their victims, no matter their social condition or nationality. Whoever catches them has the proven influence and material assets needed to isolate and make anybody disappear.

According to attorney Montealegre, you have to be careful with social networks. One has to be educated on their use, about what it is okay to share or not, regarding the photographs and information being published. You can't condemn this media, being communication tools that, properly used, are the modern way to socialize.

This is also a call to the cybernetic units of the police and the states, to improve their watch and the tracking of the human traffickers. The public security system is already dealing with those virtual protection levels, whose improvement could prevent a future where more women and children will fall prey to criminals.

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